(My) Immortal Web Series Cast/Crew Interview [College Radio Archive]

Host Harry and college friend Maria interview the cast and crew of the web series that took on history’s biggest Sue, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way.

WARNING: This is a college radio interview from 2015. Expect audio issues and awkwardness.

Show Notes:
Everything about (My) Immortal Web Series can be found on myimmortalseries.com.


Show Notes:

We chat with Jonathan Yee, visual artist, comic maker, and friend of the show, about the family of 13 wizards who lived inside his brain (not in a normal fictional character way, they, like, literally lived there) during his middle school days. Their story is equal parts earnest and meta, and, yeah, Ben 10 is there.

Follow Jonathan at jonathanhouyee.com and on twitter @_neitheror.

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