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On Mary Sue Celebration, we open up your old school binder and talk about that weird overpowered girl wearing twenty belts you drew in your math notes or the sensitive self-insert guitarist emo boy you filled a spiral notebook with stories about. Are these too specific? Let’s Get More Specific: Angry Mangaka Leopard Princess. Danny Phantom Cat Girl. Voldemort’s Daughter.

Okay. What I’m saying is: Mary Sue Celebration is about our earliest attempts at creating characters. About clumsy lines and over-complicated backstories.

What Mary Sue Celebration isn’t: cringe. We will laugh at times and we will acknowledge problematic aspects of these characters, but that’s not our main objective. Our mission is to celebrate these characters. To get back into our childhood mindset and acknowledge how fun and freeing these characters were to us.

If you would like to be interviewed on an episode of Mary Sue Celebration email [email protected] (yes this was one of my first email accounts, how did you guess?).

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