The Violence & The Artwork – Yu-Gi-Oh! Nostalgia

This episode Harry and their brother talk about one of their favorite things- YU-GI-OH!

We recorded this episode back in 2021 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the dub release. I ended up shelving it- I was trying a new method of recording with two mics and felt self conscious about the audio. However, in the wake of the news of Kazuki Takahashi’s passing, I just wanted the comfort of the conversations my brother and I would have about YGO. It was comforting to listen to and I hope you find comfort as well. During the episode, there may be a few comments about doing more of this show but at the current moment, we don’t know if we will. As yugioh fans who only knew of Takahashi’s awesomeness from his badass yet kindhearted stories, we were devastated to hear about his death. We hope he rests in peace and knows how many people draw comfort, joy, and strength from his stories.

Episode Topics:
We discuss the Yu-Gi Craze from the pov of Western Media, our weird mission to watch the first episode in multiple formats, and the 4kids lawsuit. After that we learn a little bit about treating ourselves with Kaiba and Eric Stuart.