2015 Dana Terrace Interview [College Radio Archive]

Hey all! This is the first college radio interview I’ll be hosting on the Mary Sue Celebration feed.

Artist Dana Terrace joins your hosts Harry and Jillie on February 13th, 2015 to discuss breaking into the animation industry, creativity, and Turbo (the snail movie? Remember that?). Unfortunately, she was under NDAs with Disney, but you will still get a little peek into what working on Gravity Falls was like. It’s a pretty silly interview and I’m embarrassed by my less than ideal interviewing technique at the time, but I hope you have fun listening!

Show Notes:
Follow Dana Terrace online!
Twitter: twitter.com/DanaTerrace
Tumblr: https://danaterrace.tumblr.com
And please support The Owl House when it premieres on January 10th!

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