King Cheddar XVII

Kiko (@royalpizzaboy on twitter) discusses his OC King Cheddar the XVII, a very fancy and funny little guy you may remember for having a mustache and doing kicks on tumblr dot com.

Kiko talks growing up as an anime fan, going to art school in B-b-boston, and the highs and lows of tumblr fame.

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Bostonian Meister

Today’s Sue is the giant battle axe wielding, tank riding, cigarette smoking, Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee drinking, sarcastic and tragically damaged Death the Kid fucker/ballerina/meister, Emily Valentine.

Miles and Harry chat with Nicole (@kuntsaragi on twitter) about Emily, Twin Peaks, Critical Media Analysis, and hating Nicole and Harry’s shared Alma Mater (among other things). And Boston. We talk so much about Boston.

Happy Halloween!

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Twin Peaks Georgia Coffee Commercials: